Live - Morcheeba Wows Southern California

Like the Beasties say "Öthe only thing to save me, has always been music." Once again, I have to give escapism the proper credit for delivering me from reality for a couple of hours last week in downtown Los Angeles.

Morcheeba has a way of gently lifting you off your current plane of turmoil and making things seem right againÖ. that with the proper "evening enhancers" and the combo is life-affirming and quite joyous. They're far beyond the trip-hop label that has followed them around since their debut album. Funk, soul, rock, free-style, hip hop and that voice weaved in and out from one another flawlessly for almost two hours. It's easy to say that singer Skye Edwards is the main focus of the band ñ but without the brothers Godfrey building the wall of sound behind her, neither would have the recognition or passionate fan base they rightly deserve. On this night, Ross Godfrey ñ DJ and principal songwriter was M.I.A. with sickness and Pace Won's DJ Muhammed filled in respectably. However, one key part of the live puzzle is watching the roly poly DJ on the decks while spinning, smoking and swilling down cervezas. His presence was missed.

It's almost a blessing for the die-hard fans that this band is not as huge as everyone knows they should be. Having small theatres to watch Skye's joy as she sings and performs is worth the price of admission. Her shaved head and wide smile shone bright as she worked the stage and rarely stood still. Once again, music really is a portal that can envelop your soul. Edwards truly feels the music from the band as it courses through her. Dolly Parton's "Jolene" was worked effortlessly into the middle of the new track "Public Displays Of Affection." Rapper Pace Won added the odd edge that fits them so nicely on Charango's "Get Along." While Morcheeba focused almost half of the set on their new album, most in the ¸ber-gorgeous crowd reacted loudly to anything from their watermark second LP Big Calm. Paul Godfrey, the younger of the brothers, gets better each time around in terms of weaving his guitar playing as part of the sonic wall rather than wanting to stand out and be recognized, though his time in the spotlight reaffirms what a talent he is. Adding to the mood, various gentle lights painted the background throughout the set. Their psuedo-alternative hit "Trigger Hippie" was augmented with what looked like large Good N' Plenty candy spinning slowly while the beat swished back and forth. Complete with drums, bass and keyboards, this touring version of Morcheeba was at the height of their powers (though Ross would have made the show explode). The crowd let them know in full volume that they appreciated the journey away from our world's current climate.


"The Sea"


"Tape Loop"


"Part Of The Process"

"Sao Paulo"

"Love Sweet Love"

"Be Yourself"

"Slow Down"

"Trigger Hippie"


"Moog Island"

"Way Beyond"

"Get Along"

"Public Display Of Affection"


---- encore ----

"Undress Me Now"

"Over And Over"

"Rome Wasn't Built In A Day"

Source: Matt Surrena, Guest Reviewer

Live - Morcheeba Wows Southern California