The Beautiful Let Down

The Beautiful Letdown is Switchfoot's first major label release, but this San Diego-based band have already sold - are you ready for this? - over 400,000 copies of their three independently released albums. Columbia/Red Ink were so impressed with the band's most recent, Grammy-nominated release, Learning To Breathe, that they quickly signed them up and began work on what has become Switchfoot's most exciting and well constructed album to date. The Beautiful Letdown could just be the album that takes Switchfoot from wildly successful underground band to full blown alt-radio darlings. Uplifting lyrics, soaring vocals, tight musicianship and slick production can be heard throughout the album. Songs vary in style from crunchy, guitar-driven rockers to acoustic-leaning, introspective ballads - the majority of which have hooks so big and catchy they'd make Jonah wish he was in a rock band. (If you got that, you are 33.3% more likely to be a fan of Switchfoot). The album's first single, "Meant To Live," is a top 40 hit in the making and a staple of the band's wild live show. Other stand out tracks include "Adding To The Noise," "24," and "Ammunition," but if you like one, you'll like them all.

Columbia/Red Ink

The Beautiful Let Down