Raveonettes, White Light Motorcade & Friends Issue Advance Warning

College campuses all over the land have something to smile about, and it's not only for new, stronger strains of purple bud. The Advance Warning Tour is heading out to campuses across the US and it is packing the heat when it comes to quality new rock acts. Three NYC bands and a pair of Danish upstarts will invade auditoriums and infect students' minds with some of the best of the next wave of rock, courtesy of Nokia, MTV2 and CMJ. The Mooney Suzuki, The Raveonettes, Longwave and White Light Motorcade will start their US takeover with their only non-campus date at South By Southwest on March 14 and the tour come to a complete stop and the "fasten seat belt" lights will be extinguished on April 6 in Santa Clara, CA, at Santa Clara University. You have been warned.

The Advance Warning Tour dates:

03.13.03 - Austin, TX, (The Empire)

03.14.03 - New Orleans, LA (Tulane University)

03.15.03 - Atlanta, GA (Echo Lounge)

03.17.03 - Greenville, NC (East Carolina University)

03.18.03 - Elkins, WV (Davis & Elkins College)

03.19.03 - Washington D.C., (American University)

03.20.03 - New Haven, CT (University of New Haven - UNH students only)

03.21.03 - Pittsburgh, PA (University of Pittsburgh)

03.22.03 - Alfred, NY (Alfred University)

03.23.03 - Buffalo, NY (University of Buffalo)

03.25.03 - Indianapolis, IN (Emerson Theater)

03.26.03 - Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee School of Engineering)

03.27.03 - Madison, WI (University of Wisconsin)

03.28.03 - St. Louis, MO (Washington University)

03.29.03 - Iowa City, IA (University of Iowa)

03.30.03 - Lawrence, KS (University of Kansas)

04.01.03 - Portales, NM (Eastern New Mexico University)

04.02.03 - Las Cruces, NM (New Mexico State)

04.03.03 - Tempe, AZ (Arizona State University)

04.04.03 - Long Beach, CA (California State University Long Beach)

04.05.03 - Los Angeles, CA, (UCLA)

04.06.03 - Santa Clara, CA (Santa Clara University)

Raveonettes, White Light Motorcade & Friends Issue Advance Warning