Live - Coldplay: Nice Guys Finish First In Philadelphia

Chris Martin from Coldplay spent the better part of the last two years
seeking people's approval. Traveling the world, playing to audiences that
in his mind weren't getting the "best" of what his band Coldplay had to
offer, Martin would consistently apologize for his band's performance as
the shows would come to a close leaving the fans wondering. It was as if Chris Martin couldn't see what they did, didn't see a band which could not
only lead the best sing along, but also challenge its audience at the same

Well, those days are over and Coldplay are not only one of the best touring
bands around, but they are also bursting with confidence and when they took
the stage at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ (a.k.a. Philadelphia), on
Friday night you could tell just the sort of roll the band was on.

Call it a post-Grammy high or maybe they are just secure with being one of
the best bands around, either way they've won over the hipsters (see, the movie stars (i.e., Gwyneth stage left the entire night)
and the crowds (tonight, sold out, 6,500+). All is well in Coldplay land
and the days of being panned as "bed wetters" or Radiohead wannabes are
over, Coldplay have carved their own niche and it seems to be fitting them
well quite well.

Friday night's set was full of the hits - "Yellow," "In My Place," "Clocks,"
"Trouble" were all there, but as with all good bands, they brought the new
and different stuff too. B-sides like "Poor Me" and "One I Love," as well
as new songs "Moses" and "A Ladder To The Sun" were played to tease of the
heights this band will be reaching over the next couple of years, but it was
their live treatment of the acoustic ballad, "Warning Sign" where they
proved just how secure they were with their new material and status.
Strapping on an electric guitar Martin led his band mates through an amped
up and fulfilling version of the song, which not only sounded great, but
also proved to be a great surprise.

Coldplay are truly on a roll and they are at a perfect point in their
career. They can do the festival gig, they can sell out the basketball
arena, but the small club gig hasn't left their memory either.

E-Centre, 02.28.03 Coldplay set list


"God Put A Smile On Your Face"

"Poor Me" ("Clocks" B-side)



"Moses" (new song)

"One I Love" ("In My Place" B-side)

"Don't Panic"

"Everything's Not Lost"

"Warning Sign"


"The Scientist"



"In My Place"

"A Ladder To The Sun" (new song)

Source: Patrick Schmidt, Guest Reviewer

Live - Coldplay: Nice Guys Finish First In Philadelphia