You Are Free

Cat Power is the undercover alias of Chan (pronounced ìShawnî) Marshall, a high school dropout from the South who was transplanted to the Big Apple, opened up for Liz Phair and enlisted Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley for her backing band. And who says you ìneedî algebra in the real world? Recorded by Adam Kasper (Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam), You Are Free is Chanís first record of original material since 1998ís Moon Pix (2000 saw the release of The Covers Record). Marshallís supple Southern roots pour through her frosty voice, depicting a landscape more bleak and hopeless than a Sam Shepard play. ìSpeak To Meî feels like resting in the sweltering Georgia heat, drowning in a pool of lemonade and pondering just how precious life is. Marshall is a second generation storytelling songwriter, and like Dylan, Reed, or Young, her genuine emotions and authentic lyrics are priceless.

Cat Power

You Are Free