We Are From Nowhere

Disaster Dance Movement are a two person team of psychotic sound masters (think Bill and Ted on PCP) who are as hauntingly terrific as the Dawn of the Dead. We Are From Nowhere, the Long Beach comboís debut album, which is to be spoken with the same space lingo dialect used by the Coneheads a la ìwe come from France,î spews eight frightfully amazing tracks that accelerate full speed into the dark unknown with the headlights off and with a foot glued to the gas pedal. Spazztastic vocals wail over maniacal drums and a screeching barrage of keyboards and guitars combine for an potent dose of instant madness. Think of Ladytron being knocked up by the Faint, and the poster child for the chemically imbalanced would be the Disaster Dance Movement. Dance music has never this fun...or dangerous.

Dance Disaster Movement
Dim Mak Records

We Are From Nowhere