Live - Sahara Hotnights, Ikara Colt, And The Washdown Electrify The Bowery

For the casual observer, this rock bill was your basic run-of-the-mill garage rock revival affair. All three bands wear their influences on their sleeves and employ all the tropes of what the kids remember of the forefathers of real rock. But to those in attendance, there was plenty of new music to simply enjoy as well. And enjoy they did.
As openers, The Washdown set the rock tone from the get-go. With one guitarist in absentia due to an injury, the latest boys on the scene proved that the band's confidence and live show is still on the accelerated track to stardom. The Tampa quintet (minus one) are coming in to their own with their dueling singer back-and-forth and an underlying funk reminiscent of the Nation of Ulysses or The Make-up, and could be serious contenders soon enough.

Not to be out done, Ikara Colt brought their UK brand of punk rock next and hit with a different style but the same effect. Juxtaposed with The Washdown's frantic stage show, the decidedly static Brit quartet still claimed the highlight of the night with their musicianship and tight song delivery. Recalling early Sonic Youth at their most punk rock, and with a dash of The Pixies for good measure, this Epitaph act lived up to and above the hype, and should be headlining in the US soon enough.

The evening's Swedish headliners had a high bar to reach and definitely held their own. Performing songs from their Jetset debut with aplomb, they too are coming into their own as performers and are beginning to let their collective hair down. As their personality shone thru, especially during their covers, the audience reacted in kind and embraced them more and more. Not mind-blowingly wonderful, the gals of Sahara Hotnights are still a force to be reckoned with.

For each of these young bands, this tour perfectly showcases what they can do and a glimmer of what they will in the future.

Source: Miguel Banuelos

Live - Sahara Hotnights, Ikara Colt, And The Washdown Electrify The Bowery