A repeat appearance from Manchester's brilliant Longview on this week's Newly Discovered. While not to be confused with the NYC band that shares seven of the band's eight letters, this quartet revels in producing epic, skyscraping rock songs, combining the sonic wash and immediacy of early Ride with songwriting in the Coldplay and U2 vein and the breathy delivery of frontman Rob McVey. "Nowhere" is the band's third single, following the equally magnificent "When You Sleep" (as found on Player .039) and their debut, the melancholic soul shaker that was "Further." "Nowhere" is aligned more with the former than the latter, shimmering guitars and driving rhythms serving as the vehicle to deliver McVey's engaging tones. "You won't try, you don't care," he intones, almost as a mantra. Trust me, Rob. If more people hear Longview, they'll do more than care: they'll believe.

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