Fruitful Guided By Voices 14th Album Set For August Delivery

Some bands put out a couple of records and disappear for years at a time (Stone Roses, Guns N' Roses), while others are a prolific as rabbits. File Guided By Voices in the latter group. The Dayton, OH, four-piece is currently readying their 14th (fourteen!) assault on the college music charts. The album, Earthquake Glue, is due to hit shelves in the heat of summer, August 19, on Matador Records. To keep you from missing singer Robert Pollard's voice and guitarist Doug Gillard's axework too much, however, they are going to release an album under the Lifeguards name at the end of this month. March 25 will be the date that you can get your grubby little hands on Mist King Urth on Fading Captain, a Pollard-run imprint through Rockathon. Rockathon? Rock on, is more like it!

Earthquake Glue tracklisting:

"My Son, My Secretary, My Country"

"I'll Replace You with Machines"

"She Goes Off at Night"

"Beat Your Wings"

"Useless Inventions"

"Dirty Water"

"The Best of Jill Hives"

"Dead Cloud"

"Mix Up the Satellites"

"Main Street Wizards"

"A Trophy Mule in Particular"

"Apology in Advance"

"Secret Star"

"Of Mites and Men"

Mist King Urth by Lifeguards (Pollard/Gillard):

"Gift of the Mountain"

"Starts at the River"

"First of an Early Go-Getter"

"Society Dome"

"Shorter Virgins"

"No Chain Breaking"

"Sea of Dead"

"Surgeon Is Complete"

"Then We Agree"

"Fether Herd"

"Red Whips and Miracles"

Fruitful Guided By Voices 14th Album Set For August Delivery