Live ñ Hipsters Flock To See Electric Six And Their Hard Rock Disco

Electric Six frontman Dick Valentine, sans Ricardo Montalban mustache, took to the stage with his fellow E6sters late Saturday night and announced that their set would be recorded for a live CD. With only the three-song Danger! High Voltage EP currently available in the US, I was curious to find out; a) how the song "Danger! High Voltage" would be performed without the help of Jack White as a duet partner, b) how the other songs from the EP would translate in a live setting, and c) the quality of the rest of the band's material (not included on the EP). Before night's end, all three of these questions were answered.

A) Electric Six did not perform "Danger! High Voltage" as a duet, but instead, Valentine tackled both parts himself. Short of a surprise appearance by Jack White (which I don't think anyone really expected), the song couldn't have been pulled off any better. The opening notes of the song, translated into words as "beedle de de, beedle de de" (you've got to say it really fast while playing air guitar to get the full effect), got the largest reaction from the intimate Double Door crowd. Proving that they've got much more up their sleeves than the acclaimed single, E6 placed it toward the middle of their set.

B) The other two songs on the EP, "I Lost Control (Of My Rock And Roll)" and "Remote Control (Me)" translated to a live setting better than expected. The former, came about 1/4 of the way into the night. The latter, "Remote Control (Me)," came near the end of the set, but both exceeded my expectations. In fact, Valentine's amazingly powerful falsetto on "Remote Control (Me) was the highlight of the performance. I've got no idea where it came from, but he hit this sickest high note during the chorus, then he sustained the note for 20 seconds or so at the end. Crazy!

C) The rest of band's material, like those songs found on the Danger! High Voltage EP, were an in your face blast of hard rock disco music. Crunchy guitars and Keith Moon-esq drumming drive the band forward with reckless abandon while Valentine's charismatic on-stage persona adds fuel to the fire. Valentine began the night in a sport coat, but by the time the band came out for their encore (which included a kick ass version of Queen's "Radio Ga Ga."), he was so worked up that he stripped down to a plain white T graced only with the words "Rich and Sexy."

The crowd danced like maniacs to the rock and roll mayhem that lasted well past 1 a.m. and probably could have gone all night. One girl actually got on her boyfriend's shoulders and he carried her up on stage where the two danced for about 30 seconds (no Girls Gone Wild action though, sorry guys). Look for the Electric Six to hit your town soon. They'll be on tour with the D4 starting March 15 in Dallas, TX. They'll also be making an appearance at SXSW on March 13 at Emo's, so if you're in the neighborhood, definitely stop by.

Live ñ Hipsters Flock To See Electric Six And Their Hard Rock Disco