Death Cab For American Analog Set Split

Austinís Post-Parlo Records have locked Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service) and Andrew Kenny (American Analog Set) for the fifth installment of their golden split EP series entitled HOME, Volume V. The gorgeous singers will each record four songs, covering a tune from one anotherís bands in the process. The EP will be available in two editions according to Pitchforkmedia, a letter pressed and hand-numbered version with artwork consistent with the other volumes in the series, and a jewel-case commercial version. Both of these singers (and bands) are two of the most amazing musicians in the history of rock...yes the history of rock. Go back and cop all of their records, and if you are dissapointed with your purchase, then you sir, don't know your face from your ass.

HOME, Volume V

Ben Gibbard

You Remind Me of Home


Farmer Chords

Choir Vandals [American Analog Set cover]

Andrew Kenny

Hometown Fantasy

Home Recording Has Ruined My Life

Churchmouse in the Churchhouse

Line of Best Fit [Death Cab for Cutie cover]

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Death Cab For American Analog Set Split