One Horse Town

I think I like the concept of bands named after emotions or feelings; therefore, I like The Thrills. However, reviewing a band just because of an engaging name is not the best of ideas, unless it was some ruling superband like Boyz II Men At Work. Luckily for my journalistic integrity (!), The Thrills are able to produce what their name claims. A quintet originally from Dublin, Ireland, The Thrills relocated to Los Angeles to record their debut album and their first single, "Santa Cruz," was obviously influenced by their new sun and fun lifestyle. While their follow up, "One Horse Town," may not scream "California," the songwriting does. Summery, sunshiny pop is what The Thrills do best: chiming guitars, bouncy keys, harmonizing backing vocals and even banjos all shape this pop gem, bringing to mind an Irish Grandaddy with a shake of that '60s California sound. Positively thrilling.

The Thrills

One Horse Town