Live - My SXSW: Day Two

Day two...what to say? It didn't start off, as last evening did, at the FADER/Levi's party, but instead, two hours earlier, at a Raveonettes in-store at Waterloo Records. The Danish duo, who doubled in size like a Texan at a BBQ into a quartet live, rocked their debut single, "Attack Of The Ghost Riders," as the intro to their four-song set. The packed house was duly appreciative and reacted equally to the rest of their set, which closed out with "Tornado Man." As I knew that I wouldn't be able to catch their full rendition that evening, I was quite happy to have caught their in-store.

Austin's very own KROX hosted our 5 O'Clock event. Their cocktail mixer was a great place to see a number of faces: Warren Christensen of Q-Prime, Jason, Whitetrash and Mark Tamo of Fat Wreck Chords, Matty Smith of DreamWorks, RCA's Adrian "Mini Mogul" Moreira, Dayna Talley of Astralwerks, Shannah Miller of Arista, the list goes on and on. A good hang and a good respite from the mayhem that was bound to occur.

Before we could hit our first "real" gig, a tasty dinner was to ensue. Or, it was supposed to be tasty. I've never had a meal where the staff comes up to you and dumps a bowl full of shrimp, corn and potatoes ON THE TABLE in front of you, but so it was at The Boiling Pot. Very strange, but not wholly disappointing. Rather snacky, actually. But I digress....

Electric Six was my first gig of the night. A number of my peeps headed off to see White Light Motorcade, but I hoped to see Detroit's disco faves in action. And disco they were. Big guitars, bigger beats and that distinctive Dick Valentine vocal sound filled the night. Penultimate track "Danger! High Voltage!" was of course the highlight, but, shouldn't it have been?

Next up: NYC's favorite shoegazers, Longwave. Their drummer had just blown out his back the day prior, but their previous drummer heeded the call to arms and rejoined the band for their MTV2 tour with Raveonettes et. al. They sounded huge and were a very pleasant surprise on the evening. "Everywhere You Turn" sounded brilliant in the space, echoing gracefully off the walls. I am looking VERY forward to hearing these boys play popscene in SF next month.

From there, I headed out to the Rapture/Special Guest MTV2 show at La Zona Rosa. At this point, anyway who didn't
know "Special Guest"
was Blur was either a moron or completely clueless. Even Robert English and Jon Cohen knew to show up on time. Much love to Jenni Sperandeo....

The Rapture sounded woeful thin, although "House Of Jealous Lovers" was pretty tasty, indeed. At 12:30, half of Blur, Damon Albarn and Dave Rowntree, plus Simon Tong and random bassist from Orange 9MM, who was replacing the US Immigration biotch-slapped Alex James, hit the stage to a packed house and one highly excited about the gig. The quartet, grown larger with three backing vocalists and a keyboard player, rocked through a set that consisted of half their new Think Tank album and half older material. Of the newer tracks, "Out Of Time,""We've Got A File On You," "Moroccan People's Revolutionary Bowls Club," "Gene by Gene" and encore thrasher "Crazy Beat" best worked their way into listener's heads. On top of that, the Londoners rocked crowd favorites "Girls And Boys," "Beetlebum," "Song 2" and finale "This Is a Low" to satiate the rabid crowd. My favorite track of the night was "Popscene," but it would be, wouldn't it? I DID name my indie nightclub for a reason...Random celebrity sighting: D4's guitarist walking down the street at 2AM with Datsun's frontman Dolf. Awww, New Zealand bonding. How cute!

Live - My SXSW: Day Two