Letter To The Editor: Police At Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony

My 2003 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony Rant...Having never seen the
Police live and knowing that they are one of my all time favorite
bands, I was happy to sit through the commercials and overwrought
speeches to see Stewart, Andy, and their bassist,
Stingy reunited on stage, even if it was just to see them perform
two rather tired, albeit classic, songs.

And I was most delighted to see
that Stewart brought the tempo down on "Roxanne," certainly to
annoy Sting, who has to sustain the notes on what is the most
vocally challenging song in their catalog. What I DID NOT need to see
was Steven Tyler and John Mayer on stage with the
Police. What the fook? Of all the musicians that would be on the
Police's short list -- or long list for that matter -- to appear
live with them, I'm sure those two would be on the other side of the
globe. It ruined what was already an overstyled performance.
Gwen, you're permitted, because you are a year older than I and
you are fabulous and vibrant and you appreciate the Police
genuinely, and you're a beautiful person. But those other two - John
Mayer wasn't even born when the Police broke up!! Could he
have been any more irrelevant on stage? And Tyler just can't seem
to get OFF the stage. He's so base and unfunny and his stupid
innuendoes are boorish, even by rock god standards. I wish he would just
go away, especially after he ruined my Police experience.
Finally, someone needs to tell TV producers that when it comes to stage
performances, whether rock shows or orchestras or ballets, to point one
camera on the whole stage and leave it. I can't stand that thing that
VH1 does with the switching of the video formats and all the music-video
close ups. It takes all the "liveness" out of the picture. I'm so
frustrated, and yes, I'm a loser I guess, and the only thing that is
ever going to redeem this show is for the Police to go on a
reunion tour, so that Stewart can bloody Sting's vanilla
cream puff yoga ass and thrill us with his hi-hat rhythms and remind us
that no other band has ever birthed so much style, creativity, and sound
out of three instruments. So get to it boys.

Source: Beth Massa, Amazon.com

Letter To The Editor: Police At Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony