Boston has produced some mighty fine bands: The Pixies, Throwing Muses, and Cave In. The Beantown posse's major label debut for RCA, Antenna hit shelves yesterday and you should go buy it. Dave Grohl is in love with the band and with good reason. Dynamics abound, guitars are both atmospheric and crunchy, drums are everywhere at once and frontman Stephen Brodsky screams and coos with equal power. The band borders on prog, but it's prog like Tool, without the metal, versus being prog like Genesis or Yes. Does that make any sense? Listen to Antenna: it will. There is no one dressed up like the Count Of Monte Crisco (sic) here. From the sheer driving pop of "Inspire" and "Anchor" to the swirling guitar maelstrom of "Joy Opposites" and "Penny Racer," Cave In's new album satiates your need for six-string excitement. In this day and age, you need to find your enjoyment wherever you can. I've found mine.

Cave In