Live - Chris Rock Gives Excellent Head...Of State

Chris Rock hung out in downtown Chicago Monday night, shook some hands, and previewed his new movie, Head Of State, to a handful of thankful viewers. Rock, one of the funniest comedians on the planet, has not kicked out the greatest of movies in recent history. Down To Earth, Osmosis Jones, and whatever that mistake with Anthony Hopkins was called, came and went faster than me in the bedroom. Although Rock and I share the same birthday (February 7), the man refused to say hello to me while speeding away in his limo, after I banged on it profusely for five minutes. I decided to give this new movie a chance, and needless to say, the shit was funny.

Head Of State, co-written, directed by, and starring Chris Rock, feels a lot like the short lived HBO series The Chris Rock Show. Itís overflowing with gut busting moments courtesy of Rock, Bernie Mac, Tracy Morgan, and others, from the razor sharp point of view that has help make Rock a star.

Head Of State uproots local alderman of Washington D.C. ìMays Gilliamî (Chris Rock) from the streets and drops him flat on his face, in the race for President of the United States. On the way, Rock attacks the current state of affairs with very smart political satire, and good old fashioned pop culture references. Bernie Mac steals the movie, slapping people upside the head, and escalating his already rising popularity with a drop dead hilarious performance. Mac, who is currently starring in his own show Wednesday nights on Fox, is set to star as ìBosleyís brotherî in Charlieís Angels 2 ñ Halo, which will rake in the dough later this summer.

Rock, who was in attendance at the sneak preview, said that it was time for him to take control of a movie and really put his stamp on it, since his last few pictures stunk worse than 3-week old skunk crap soaked in sulfur.

One of the sad parts in the movie was the appearance of Robin Givens. Fat faced and nowhere near as hot as she once was (remember Boomerang?) Givens looked like a Doberman pincher who was smacked in the face with a shovel. She played a deranged ex-girlfriend of Rock, which made for some funny situations, but whoever Givensí agent is needs to stop. Just quit the business and please tell this woman that she is fugly and not a good actress.

DreamWorks will release Head Of State later this summer, hopefully catapulting Rock into the $20 million club. This picture is extremely funny, and filled with a jukebox of current hip-hop from Nelly, Jay-Z, Nate Dogg and others (DJ Quik provided the score).

Saturday Night Liveís Tracy Morgan pops up here and there as a ìstolen meat salesmen,î which reminded me of the bit parts that helped Rock make a name for himself back in the day (Iím Going To Git You Sucka, New Jack City).

Head Of State is smart, funny, and well done. Props to Rock and Mac for making a the making.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - Chris Rock Gives Excellent Head...Of State