New Grandaddy Album Details Arriving Sumday

Modesto, CA's favorite indie upstarts, Grandaddy, have firmed up the final track listing for the highly anticipated follow up to 2000's The Sophtware Slump. NME reports that the new album, titled Sumday, will be released on June 10 by way of V2. Although rumors had been flying around that the new effort would be released as a double disk, Sumday will actually hit the streets as a single album. Check out the official track listing.

Sumday Track Listing:

"Now It's On"

"I'm On Standby"

"The Go In The Go-For-It"

"The Group Who Couldn't Say"

"Lost On Yer Merry Way"

"El Caminos In The West"

"Yeah Is What We Had"

"Saddest Vacant Lot In All The World"

"Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake"

"OK With My Decay"

"The Warming Sun"

"The Final Push To The Sum"

New Grandaddy Album Details Arriving Sumday