Whip It On

The ying/yang effect of The Raveonettes is striking. Dual frontpersons Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo are each of one gender and one is platinum blonde, while the other has jet black hair. Even their music falls into line, poppy uptempo garage tracks, but with a noticeably dark edge. Kicking off with the Specialty-chart topping "Attack Of The Ghost Riders," it's already evident that Whip It On is going to be a different kind of album. The Danish duo have effortless cool seeping from their pores, their fuzzy guitars echoing from speaker to speaker. As the album progresses through other standout numbers such as the furious "Do You Believe Her" and the Jesus & Mary Chain-esque "Chains," the '50s horror movie vibes and driving rhythms lead you to another observation: this is a special record. And it's only their debut 8-track EP. Imagine what they'll be able to produce when given 12 or so songs. For the meantime, immerse yourself in the night and day of, perhaps, the most tune-laden duo on the scene. You won't be disappointed.

The Raveonettes

Whip It On