The Strangest Things

I can't quite put my finger on what Longwave reminds me of. The NYC four-piece combines vocal aspects of Peter Murphy with bits of late '80s indie rock and the atmospherics of the early '90s shoegaze scene. While I may be able to piece together what The 'Wave remind me of, I do know this: I really like this band. Swirling, layered guitars lay the foundation for the majority of the band's major label debut, The Strangest Things, but the distinctive tones of singer Steve Schiltz is the added juice that makes the band special. Their stand out tracks, like "Everywhere You Turn" or "Tidal Wave" would have been huge hits had John Hughes made movies 15 years later (Ducky would be BEGGING for Longwave to play the prom), while "Pool Song" adds a touch of Elvis Costello or Joe Jackson to the picture. Melancholy abounds on Strangest, as well, as the heart strings are pulled on a number of tracks, but perhaps best on "Can't Feel A Thing" or with the swelling strings of "Meet Me At The Bottom." These youngsters may be from the new garage capital New York City, but the only thing Longwave share with The Strokes or Radio 4 is a knack for good songs. Their vibe is theirs and theirs alone. I kind of like it that way.


The Strangest Things