Up The Bracket

The garage rock revolution has brought a number of '70s bands again to the forefront; however, instead of the same reference points used by the Strokes (Velvet Underground, Television) London's The Libertines look to their own country for impetus and find it in records from The Jam and The Kinks. The quartet's debut album, Up The Bracket is an inherently English sparkly garage-rock amalgamation, down to the production from Clash mastermind Mick Jones. "Time For Heroes" and "Boys In The Band" are the Jam revisited, the album's title track brings to mind Jones' band of hell-raisers, "Begging" is Modern Life Is Rubbish-era Blur jamming with the Kinks and album closer "I Get Along," may perhaps be the best of the bunch: a three-minute rush of adrenaline, thrashing guitars and more attitude and bravado than a Hell's Angels convention. The kids are again picking up guitars in droves, only now, they are interested in looking good and sounding better, instead of just making an unholy racket. Long live The Libertines.

The Libertines
Rough Trade

Up The Bracket