Tiesto, Sanger, Dieselhead DJ Tour Hitting Road

Electronic music and video games go hand in hand, so it makes perfect sense that Sony's Playstation would sponsor a DJ tour across the US. The Playstation 2 Dual Play tour will feature sets from such luminaries as Tiesto, Dieselboy, Noel Sanger and Bad Boy Bill. The jaunt jumps off in Atlanta on March 28 and wraps on D-Day in my town of San Francisco. A chunk of the tour (March 28 - April 13) will feature Dieselboy and Bad Boy Bill as headliners, while the remainder of the dates sees the other two DJs at the top of the marquee. In keeping with the corporate sponsor's theme, video game visuals will be featured on screens during the gigs. Just one question: why would anyone ever need visuals at an electronic music event?!?!

Dual Play tour dates:

03.28.03 - Atlanta, GA (Riviera)

03.30.03 - Orlando, FL (House of Blues)

03.31.03 - New Orleans, LA (House of Blues)

04.03.03 - Denver, CO (The Church)

04.04.03 - Phoenix, AZ (Freedom)

04.05.03 - Seattle, WA (Noiselab)

04.06.03 - Anaheim, CA (House of Blues)

04.11.03 - Chicago, IL (House of Blues)

04.12.03 - Minneapolis, MN (Quest)

04.13.03 - Las Vegas, NV (House of Blues)

05.14.03 - Atlanta, GA (Riviera)

05.15.03 - Detroit, MI (Bleu)

05.16.03 - New York, NY (Roxy)

05.17.03 - Washington, D.C. (Club Gow)

05.21.03 - Denver, CO (The Church)

05.22.03 - Los Angeles, CA (Mayan)

05.23.03 - Seattle, WA (Showbox)

05.24.03 - Portland, OR (Crystal Ballroom)

05.25.03 - Las Vegas, NV (House of Blues)

05.28.03 - New Orleans (House of Blues)

05.29.03 - Orlando, FL (House of Blues)

05.30.03 - Miami, FL (Space)

05.31.03 - Chicago, IL (House of Blues)

06.06.03 - San Francisco, CA (1015 Folsom)

Tiesto, Sanger, Dieselhead DJ Tour Hitting Road