Tricky Reveals Vulnerable Side

Trip-hop founding father and all-around professional stoner Tricky is set to unleash another album of sultry beats and throaty vocals. The Bristol burner's sixth studio album is called Vulnerable and will drop on Anti/Epitaph in the UK on May 19. According to the label's site, Tricky named this album after his new outlook towards the world. "I've had so many things said about me. They've called me 'The Dark Prince' and a madman. But that isn't me. I'm not the devil. I called this album Vulnerable because it's my most honest and open record. On this album I've stopped hiding and I'm allowing people to see different sides of the real me."
The site also compares this album to his groundbreaking debut, Maxinquaye. If you're a big fan, however, you may want to pick up the import, as no US release information is available at this time.

Vulnerable track listing:



"Ice Pick"

"Car Crash"

"Dear God"

"How High"

"What Is Wrong"

"My Mermaid"


"Wait For God"

"Where I'm From"

"The Love Cats"

"Search And Survive"

Tricky Reveals Vulnerable Side