It's one of the most highly-awaited albums of the year, but almost everyone's heard it already. Does that change anything? Of course not! It's still The White Stripes and their V2 debut, Elephant, and it's still everything that could be expected from the duo and more. It's got bass! And Meg sings! Oh joyous day. From the opening, snakecharmingly slithery bassline of "Seven Nation Army," it's obvious this album has special things in store. The guitar-in-the-gutter sound of "Black Math" continues the simmering greatness, and as the record moves on through its 14 tracks, the tempos, vibe and even singers change, but one thing stays the same: Jack White is one talented motherfucker and he's out to prove it. "I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart," the ultra-bluesy "Ball And Biscuit," the punchy "Hardest Button To Button," and the Zeppelin-flavored "Little Acorns" are all super in their own right, but even better when grouped. Even Meg's pet project, "In The Cold, Cold Night" takes the band in yet another direction, due to her vocal presence. All in all, an amazing work and sure not to leave changers for weeks and weeks. Just one thing, you two in red and white. You're not fooling anyone: "There's No Home For You Here?" I think we've heard that song before...

The White Stripes