Big Beautiful Sky

What the hell is going on around here? A band that sounds like Depeche Mode meets Curve meets Bjork meets The Cocteau Twins and they're from....NASHVILLE? I am so confused. Venus Hum, don't seem to be, however, and that's a good thing for the rest of us. From the opening synths of "Hummingbirds," the kick-off track on the bandís MCA debut, Big Beautiful Sky (a nod to frontwoman Annette Strean's home state of Montana, per chance?), all nods are towards the UK. Dreamy soundscapes, scattered beats and Annetteís beautiful Bjork-meets-Liz Frazier vocal tones are found in abundance, as are tracks reminding of late '80s synth bands, from Red Flag to Erasure to the aforementioned Depeche Mode. Atmospheric, futuristic and most importantly, CATCHY, "Montana" (yep, the album title MUST have been just what I thought!), "Lumberjacks," and the rest of the Nashville trio's collected works will have you fondly remembering times past, all the while looking towards the future. Good trick, that.

Venus Hum

Big Beautiful Sky