Live - Idlewild On Back-to-Back Nights In Nor Cal

Yes, I admit it: I am a total nerd. Handfuls of you already knew this fact, but now I'm laying it out for the rest of you. Not content to witness my favorite album of 2002 performed live Tuesday in San Francisco, I also rolled up Interstate 80 to check Idlewild a night earlier in our state's lovely capital of Sacramento. I'm a glutton for punishment, me...

Having only been to Sacto twice prior for gigs, I had no idea what the venue or crowd would have instore for me. Luckily, both weren't awful. Harlow's fancies itself as a supper club, but it was a fairly nice smallish venue with more seating (around tables and booths) than floor space. No mind, though, as I was with total Idlewild stalkers who wanted to be right up front. So that's where we were.

Edinburgh, Scotland's finest took the stage as a newly expanded quintet and with a new bass player, ex-Turn four-stringer, Gavin Fox. The opening track was a familiar old song, but the name currently escapes me, and, sadly, escaped most of the crowd who didn't jump start until the band flowed into "(I Am) What I Am Not" off the band's brilliant third album, The Remote Part. Much of the new record was aired out live, as well as selections from 2000's almost equally stellar 100 Broken Windows and their Hope Is Important debut. Standout tracks included last year's personal single of the year, "You Held The World In Your Arms," "These Wooden Ideas," "A Modern Way Of Letting Go," "American English," "A Little Discourage," "Live In A Hiding Place," and set closer "Roseability." The sound was nice at Harlow's and it was cool to be able to be so close, since I knew I wouldn't even bother the next night in SF. Minus points for the groupie front and center who tried to entice frontman Roddy Woomble with her magical scarf dance. Weak.

The San Francisco brought out more people, a much louder gig, but the exact same set list. Amazingly, the second night, the same songs were standouts. Imagine that! Regardless, I was glad I got to see Idlewild on back to back nights, as they still rock my world and you could do far worse than getting your ass to your local venue to check these Scottish lads to be wowed for yourself.

Idlewild set list for March 31 (Sacramento) and April 1 (San Francisco):

mystery opener

"(I Am) What I Am Not"

"A Little Discourage"

"You Held The World In Your Arms "

"I Am A Message"

"Tell Me Ten Words"

"A Modern Way Of Letting Go"

"These Wooden Ideas"

"American English"

"When I Argue I See Shapes"


"Live In Hiding Place"

"A Film For Future"



"Listen To What You've Got"

"The Remote Part"

Live - Idlewild On Back-to-Back Nights In Nor Cal