Keep On Your Mean Side

Secret agents in the war against mediocrity, The Kills have banded together to battle the passion-free and tuneless. This duo of VV and Hotel (their real names have been omitted to protect the innocent and not so innocent) have joined the ever-growing list of rock duos taking the world by storm. Playing drums and guitar and with dueling vocals, it's not a new trick, but one that works amazingly well, regardless. Highly evocative of PJ Harvey with a touch of X thrown in, their debut, Keep On Your Mean Side is a packet of edgy, dirty guitars and surly vocals, full of soul and coming at you like a bullet. "Cat Claw," as heard on Player .040, is a snarling ball of attitude, while "Superstition" and "Pull A U" bring to mind the aforementioned Polly Jean references.. Unlike the current wars around the globe, the war this US-UK pairing are fighting is fully justified and, hopefully, will last for years and years.

The Kills
Rough Trade

Keep On Your Mean Side