Limp Bizkit Spill The Beans On New Guitarist

Last Sunday (March 30), the Bizkit performed atÖ uh, Wrestlemania? Yes, the hard rocking, Durst-fronted, TRL superstars took their high-energy live show to the ring and performed a pair of songs for the 10-16 year old, socially challenged kids at the event. The band, who had help from Korn's Brian "Head" Welch and former Snot guitarist Mike Smith, ran through "Rollin'" and a song called "Crackpipe" from the forthcoming, still untitled new album. Head obviously still has a gig, but Durst posted a message on the band's website announcing Mike Smith as the band's new axe-man. He said, "Our new guitarist, Mike Smith, ripped hard, we've been working with him for a while, he's dope."

Durst also talked a bit about the new album, due in June:

"The more the build-up continues, the more I realize how much depth this album has. It's not one-dimensional like others I'm hearing in this genre. And it doesn't sound like a pre-fabricated formula. It feels very honest and real to me. I'm sure you will feel the same. I'm getting excited."

According to, the Bizkit are close to solidifying venues for a May tour. We'll let you know if any more details regarding the tour are revealed.

Limp Bizkit Spill The Beans On New Guitarist