Live - The Walkmen Rock Their Home TurfÖ On A School Night

Late Sunday afternoon I made the decision that there was a lot more life left in me before Monday arrived. I headed out, determined to keep the weekend going, and battled all the adversity along the way (NY's no smoking rule, and the wretched time change). First stop was Pianos for David Cross' weekly stand up show. NICE! Now that my stomach hurt from laughing, I was ready to get serious, and I headed for The Bowery Ballroom.

Led by tweed-clad Hamilton Leithauser, The Walkmen, playing their third consecutive sold-out show on their home turf, howled through a tremendous set doused with crowd pleasers like "Wake Up," "Rue The Day," and "The Blizzard of 96."

If The Walkmen were a little tired from the previous two night's efforts, it didn't show. They surged forward with high energy, especially from Matt Barick, who lost at least 2 drumsticks amidst the fury he displayed, and from Leithauser, who was determined to bend, pull, and shape his microphone stand in every direction possible.

They closed the set with a roar, playing "The North Pole," before returning for a two-song encore, which Leithauser introduced by thanking the crowd for "coming on a school night." After a brand new track, Paul Maroon started the closing song with a tinkle of the keys, and treated everyone to "We've Been Had," the first song the group wrote together, and most recognizable as "that song from the Saturn commercial."

The Walkmen gave everyone more undeniable proof that the weekend doesn't always have to have to end on Saturday night.

Source: Ryan Harrington

Live - The Walkmen Rock Their Home TurfÖ On A School Night