The World Is Flat

Chuck Gladfelter and Robert Byrne, the masterminds behind Ivory Wire, have been on the Chicago rock scene for years. Theyíve been making music together since the early 90ís, honing their skills and forging an incredible symbiotic relationship. The two feed off of each other in every aspect of their musical partnership. The World Is Flat is the album Chuck and Robert have envisioned for quite some time and to make sure that it came out exactly the way they heard it in their heads, the two produced the entire thing themselves. The album itself runs the gamut from high-energy, radio-ready, electric rock to more mellow, acoustically charged, lyrically driven offerings.

Ivory Wire are definitely a Chicago band. Their blitzkrieg of crunchy guitar chords and wailing solos carry on the Windy Cityís long-standing tradition of guitar-driven rock bands. From the album opener, ìHey You,î itís clear that Ivory Wire those guitars are as tight as tight can get and Gladfelterís knack for writing catchy hooks shines through with each listen. The bandís goal when making The World Is Flat was to create an entire album (not two or three good songs surrounded by a bunch of crap), one that would grow better and better with each listen. Iím going on about my 12th and Iíve got to say - mission accomplished.

Ivory Wire
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The World Is Flat