Vice Records Rounds Up New York's Finest For Rock Compilation

Vice Records is paying homage to 1978's Brian Eno-produced compilation, No New York, with their own 2003 NYC band comp. The '78 version featured tracks by underground acts such as the Jerks and DNA and such will be the case with the contemporary version, called YES New York (get it?). According to our friends at Big Hassle, the new compilation will be released on June 3 via Vice Records imprint Wolfgang Morden. Leading off YES New York will be a live version of The Strokes' "New York City Cops," followed by tracks by from Radio 4, Ted Leo, Longwave, Fader cover models The Rapture, StarTime's The Walkmen and The Natural History, Interpol and others. The album was executive produced by long-time NYC industry staples and beloved Tripwire users Brian Long and Chris White. Nice job guys, this shit is going to rock!

YES New York Tracklist:

The Strokes - "New York City Cops" (live)

Radio 4 - "Save Your City"

The Rogers Sisters - "Zero Point"

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists - "The Ballad of the Sin Eater"

The Fever - "Ladyfingers"

Longwave - "Next Plateau"

Calla - "Strangler"

The Rapture - "Olio"

The Walkmen - "Rue the Day"

Interpol - "NYC"

The Natural History - "The Right Hand"

LCD Soundsystem - "Tired"

Le Tigre - "Decepticon" (DFA remix)

Secret Machines - "What Used To Be French"

Unitard - "Year To Be Hated"

Vice Records Rounds Up New York's Finest For Rock Compilation