Land Air Sea

The Special Goodness is comprised of Pat Wilson (drummer for Weezer) on vocals and guitar and Atom Willard (Rocket From The Crypt) on drums. Pat has had The Special Goodness on his plate (in between Weezer records) since 1996 when he released Bunny Record in Japan only, and in 2000 with Pinecone, which only saw an internet release. Land Air Sea is the first proper album from the duo, (produced by Weezer bassist Scott Shriner and Joe Barrisi) which deploys a unique blend of everything Pat and Atom have seen and done as members of Weezer and Rocket From The Crypt, as well as influences of The Smiths, Black Sabbath, The Jesus Lizard, and Nirvana that lead them to begin their journeys. The Special Goodness recently opened for big timers Foo Fighters and Audioslave in Los Angeles, and will bring their indie pop rocks to the masses on a headlining tour this summer.

The Special Goodness
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Land Air Sea