Tour Diary - The Special Goodness (Part #1)

April 10, 2003: Bakersfield, CA (Centennial Garden). Back on tour, opening for The Transplants and the Foo Fighters. Tonight was
the first show, in Bakersfield's Centennial Garden Arena. Now the thing to
realize about this tour is that every band on it consists of people who
either were or still are in other famous bands. Dave Grohl, formerly
Nirvana's drummer, now Foo Fighters' lead man. Tim Armstrong from Rancid, now
the head Transplant. Travis Barker of Blink 182, now drumming for The
Transplants, Pat Wilson, drummer for Weezer, now singing and leading The
Special Goodness, and Atom Willard, ex-Rocket From The Crypt, now drumming
for the SG. Add Taylor Hawkins, drumming for Foo Fighters, and that's a
lot of drummers!

There are some old aquaintences on this tour, so things
definitely got off on the right foot. Guys like Dave Grohl and Pat Wilson
are hard not to get along with, so the chemistry was instantaneously rad.
The stage was huge. Pat Wilson was used to the size from Weezer touring, but
he had always been on the drums so this was new territory for him. Atom had
the flow from the RFTC days, so Jeb our bassist was the one guy going "wow,
this is a big place..." But Jeb's a pro and quickly adapted. Rock & roll!

Source: The Special Goodness

Tour Diary - The Special Goodness (Part #1)