Tour Diary - The Special Goodness (Part #2)

April 11, 2003: Oakland, CA (Henry J. Kaiser Memorial Arena). Today we woke up in Bakersfield, asked ourselves why we were there, and concluded the only solution was to make immediate progress towards the
venerable Henry J. Kaiser Memorial Arena in Oakland, California, where the
second Foo Fighters/Transplants/The Special Goodness show was happening. As
we happened to be The Special Goodness, it only seemed right to attend!
After a slightly dusty drive up to the Bay Area, we pulled up to the Henry
J., loaded in the gear, and started to explore. Stage: Foo Fighters
soundchecking; dressing room: little candy bars and pistachio nuts. Then
Pat discovered some key architectural details in the form of old school
concrete pedestrian ramps, perfect for some high speed skateboard luge! The
results were hastily videotaped before we had to get our gear onstage for a
quick soundcheck, before they started letting in the fans.

Today, Atom decided to ditch the drum riser. It was really big and difficult
for the roadie dudes to get on and off the stage during the show. Also it
actually was too big, and kept The Special Goodness from really connecting
as a band onstage. So tonight the guys commented that they were a lot more
comfortable during the set, and it showed, with a brief cover of Journey's
"Wheel In The Sky" amongst other silly things.

The audience was cool, supportive and pretty loud for a relatively unknown
opening act. Then the semi-hometown Transplants attacked the stage in their
old school punk manner, as we packed up The Special Goodness gear.
Unfortunately, we couldn't stay to watch the Foos tonight due to a travel
plan that called for a long-ass drive back to LA before we could sleep.
We'll catch 'em again in Phoenix!

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Tour Diary - The Special Goodness (Part #2)