Verdict: Morrissey Is Under The Influence On May 26

Remember the Back To Mine series of CDs? You know, Orbital, Faithless, Groove Armada, New Order and many others pulled together their favorite post-going-out sets and threw them on CD so you could hear what it's like to be at their respective homes after a night of debauchery. From the same masterminds that brought you Back To Mine comes Under The Influence. While in title, it may sound like the same sort of thing, this series is actually a compilation of tracks that influenced the artists in question. The first of the series will be hand-picked by Morrissey, who has chosen tracks from T. Rex, The New York Dolls, The Ramones and Sparks amongst his influences. The CD drops in the UK on May 26 with the second in the series coming in July from ex-Stone Roses head monkey, Ian Brown.

Morrissey's Under The Influence track listing:

Lesa Cormier & The Sundown Playboys - "Saturday Nite Special"

The New York Dolls - "Trash"

Nat Couty - "Woodpecker Rock"

Diana Dors - "So Little Time"

Ludus - "Breaking The Rules"

Charlie Feathers - "One Hand Loose"

Tyrannosaurus Rex - "Great Horse"

Jimmy Radcliff - "(There Goes) The Forgotten Man"

Jaybee Wasden - "De Castrow"

Ramones - "Judy Is A Punk"

Sparks - "Arts And Crafts Spectacular"

The Cats - "Swan Lake"

Nico - "All That Is My Own"

Patti Smith - "Hey Joe"

Klaus Nomi - "Death"

Verdict: Morrissey Is Under The Influence On May 26