Living In America

How do you know when a band is going to be big? Well, here are two pretty sure-fire ways: 1. Dave Grohl wears your T-shirt in a Foo Fighters video; 2. multi-platinum producer Pharrel Williams (Neptunes/N*E*R*D) says of you, "They would probably drop like a bomb in the States." The Sounds have both of these career builders going for them and hereís why - they rock! With an '80s revival sound based solidly on the dance rock foundation laid by Blondie, Duran Duran, and Kraftwerk, The Sounds explode with catchy hooks and sexy looks. Frontwoman Maja Ivarsson is a babe in all senses of the word and she leads her troop with charisma, energy, and a pair of electrifying blue eyes.

Upon first listen, "Seven Days A Week," along with most of the other tracks on the album, seem to be pulled straight from the 1980s. I found myself saying, "wasn't that song in One Crazy Summer?" However, the more time I spent with this album, it became clear that The Sounds have put their own spin on the burgeoning '80s revival movement. The band has packed Living In America with attitude, extremely catchy hooks and elastic instrumentation that will have people shouting "like, oh my god, that CD is totally rad." If the first single takes off, watch out, because Living In America is filled with throwback hits. "Reggie," "Mine For Life," "Hope Youíre Happy Now," and the title track are all MTV-ready smashes. This band has the style, attitude, looks, and song catalog to make a serious impact in the US.

The Sounds
Scratchie Records/New Line

Living In America