Tour Diary - The Special Goodness (Part #3)

April 14, 2003: Phoenix AZ (Dodge Theater). After a few days off back in L.A., we saddled up the VAN and screeched acrossed the Mojave Desert in search of the Dodge Theater in Phoenix. Don't mistake 7th Ave for 7th Street when you go to Phoenix. That's *not* what
happened this time, but let's just say it's fun repeating mistakes 'til you
finally wise up! So the Dodge Theater is a nice new Lion King sized
theater, all clean and carpeted and such, just right for Cirque Du Soleil
type stuff. In fact, backstage there were mini murals from past
"family-safe" productions that had gone on there, and the winner by a
country mile was the Lord Of The Dance mural. What a shame we missed it.
But no time for weird synchronized dance armies tonight, big loud rock &
roll was in the hizzouse! We are halfway through our tiny jaunt with the Foos
and we have already achieved clockwork. Good vibes all around. Dave and
Taylor of the Foos are always on the prowl, and something funny is usually
happening. Added to the SG strikeforce of goofiness, the combo is

Source: The Special Goodness

Tour Diary - The Special Goodness (Part #3)