Better Luck Tomorrow's Per Theater Opening Sets MTV Films Record

The Asian-American drama Better Luck Tomorrow was the first film acquired by MTV Films, purchased for just $500,000 following an award-winning showing at Sundance. On top of that, it's already well on its way to making it into the black. reports that last weekend, Better Luck Tomorrow debuted in 13 theaters in four markets and grossed $360,772, or an incredible $27,752 per venue. This weekend, the film will widen to about 30 theaters in 21 markets, with an even larger expansion expected to follow. Our friends in NYC, LA, Chicago, and San Francisco were all treated to an early screening of the film, with an overwhelmingly positive response. For those of you who now have an opportunity to see this film and are looking for something fun to do before your weekend rock shows, Better Luck Tomorrow won't disappoint (and you can eat popcorn).

David Gale, Executive Vice President MTV Films said, "We couldn't be happier with the phenomenal opening for Better Luck Tomorrow. These initial engagements reinforce our confidence that Better Luck Tomorrow will continue to grow in popularity nationwide because of its ability to impact and connect with audiences." Take a look at the new markets opening this weekend below.

New Markets For Better Luck Tomorrow:

Atlanta, GA

Baltimore, MD

Boston, MA

Toronto, ON

Vancouver, BC

Victoria, BC

Dallas, TX

Ft.Worth, TX

Houston, TX

Miami, FL

West Palm Beach, FL

Phoenix, AZ

Portland, OR

San Diego, CA

San Jose, CA

Seattle, WA

Washington, DC

Better Luck Tomorrow's Per Theater Opening Sets MTV Films Record