The Special Goodness - Tour Diary (#4)

April 15, 2003: San Diego, CA (RIMAC). Well, Interstate 8 may just be America's least used stretch of Interstate
Highway. The Imperial Dunes are a very pretty I-8 highlight that
complemented the odd feeling of driving alone on the moon. A man can get
weird out in the desert. And that man was Pat Wilson! I'm kidding. Not
really. Anyway, by the time we got to San Diego's RIMAC auditorium [read:
gigantic gym], Wil-dogg was getting loopy and only some skateboard luging
could get him his fix. Down the UCSD hill for the first annual RIMAC Invitational! Pat achieved a new personal land speed record, and didn't even
crash into a tour bus. Then, actual music was played with loud musical intruments. Taylor Hawkins of the Foos joined the SG on stage for
soundcheck, lounging in rapt attention, avidly soaking up the rock and
whatever Yes and Rush licks Pat could think of playing. These nutty classic rock lovin' drummers! The band really loved their set tonight, stuff was sounding just right. This tour is so rad!

Source: The Special Goodness

The Special Goodness - Tour Diary (#4)