Live - Fischerspooner's Fashion/Dance/Performance Art Opus: Wow!

The ever-evolving Fischerspooner saga began at Chicago's Art Institute, the exclusive art school where Casey Spooner and Warren Fischer met years ago. A lot has changed since their days as art school standouts, but the guys didn't forget the friends they made during their tenure in the Windy City. Insider reports put the band's guest list at upwards of 45 people and throughout the night, Casey would shout out the names of friends in the audience between songs. Chicagoans have a great deal of pride in their city, and while FS may now be a staple of the NYC fashion-centric hipster crowd, the outpouring of support made it clear that the locals still think of the exciting duo as their own.

When the lights went out, a collective scream erupted from the crowd and grew to deafening levels as Casey took the stage with his troop of back up dancers, singers, and, uhÖ Peanuts (this guy who just dances around and does whatever Casey tells him). The makeup of the crowd was quite an interesting sight. There were, of course, a number of Fischerspooner disciples who sported crazy, hair-sprayed hair, eyeliner, and probably pocketfulls of controlled substances (one of these pill popping concertgoers passed out and dropped to the floor like a sack of wet potatoes right behind me). Meaty, muscle-bound, beer guzzling dudes, club chicks, middle aged hipsters, and a few "what the hell did I get myself into" younger kids all turned out in force and shook their asses in unison.

The show itself was quite a spectacle. Elaborate lighting, costumes, dancers, Speedos, and confetti all transformed one of Chicago's premiere rock clubs into a mystical, Cirque du Soleil-esque theatre. With all of the fab visual esthetics, fans didn't seem to care that Casey was lip syncing for 99% of the performance. He ran through song after song from the group's debut, #1, and even rocked everyone's favorite new VH1 commercial theme song, "Emerge," twice (I hear they played it three times in NYC). Casey took time to talk to the crowd about fashion, life, and music, with his sharp-edged satirical wit. Most of his comments were limited to rather amusing between-song banter, but he did get a couple shots in at the tech department for fucking up on a few occasions. Most fans, I'm sure, didn't realize that it was all part of the act, but the staged glitches, show-stopping mistakes, and on-stage costume changes all added to the charm of the Fischerpooner experience nonetheless.

Seeing Fischerspooner live is less like a concert, and more like musical theater and apparently, people are ready, willing, and extremely excited about seeing something "different." Kudos to Fischerspooner for actually creating their own phenomenon. I'm sure NO ONE thought that these guys could pull it off. Sure, they're cool in Europe, but it's clear that Fischerspooner fever, or FF (feel free to use that), is starting to spread across the States. Don't wait until the last minute to ask for (or buy) tickets, my friends. Tickets to these shows are going fast (if there are any left) and ALL of the industry folk are attacking their respective locals with phone calls and calling in favors to get on the extremely tight list. Thanks to Mr. Ted Volk for taking care of us.

Live - Fischerspooner's Fashion/Dance/Performance Art Opus: Wow!