Blueprints For The Black Market

Anberlin have been playing together for years in a multitude of different Orlando, FL, indie bands. Collectively, theyíve gone on to sell nearly 20,000 copies of their independently released CDs, but it was their transformation to Anberlin and the hooky pop/rock sound theyíd created that landed the guys a spot on Tooth & Nailís solid roster and made the creation of their amazing debut album possible. Citing such influences as The Smiths, The Cure, and Jeff Buckley, frontman Stephen Christian brings traditional rock sensibilities to the bandís experimental edge (incorporating drum loops and keyboards). The melodic force and driving fluidity of sure-fire hits like the first single, ìReady Fuels,î bring to mind such alt radio darlings as Foo Fighters, The Juliana Theory, and Superdrag. Anberlin prove time and time again on Blueprints For The Black Market that they have a knack for writing catchy, hook-filled, radio-ready hits. Songs like ìForeign Language,î ìCold War Transmissions,î and ìAutobahn,î are laying in wait as second, third, and fourth singles. All of these showcase the bandís extremely tight musicianship and did I mention the catchy hooks? Check these guys out.

Tooth & Nail

Blueprints For The Black Market