Nearer Than Heaven

The first thing that hits you upon listening to "Nearer Than Heaven," by Delays is the amazing voice. You think, "wow, that girl has a really pretty voice." Until you realize it's A GUY. Greg Gilbert definitely has a great voice, his falsetto rising into the stratosphere on the band's debut single. Combining The Sundays with The Byrds and Cocteau Twins and recently inked to Rough Trade, this Southampton quartet isn't exactly in line with other recent Rough Trade signings (The Libertines, The Kills), instead harkening back to the days of the effervescent harmony-laden pop of The Hollies or The Beatles. Added to the mixture is a distinct late '80s/early '90s shoegaze element of the aforementioned Cocteaus or Lush and the result? A song that sounds nothing like anything else around today, which, by default, makes it one of the best things going due to its ability to stand out of the crowd, primarily due to the wondrous vocal tones and lush harmonies. Don't Delay: check these boys out now.

Rough Trade

Nearer Than Heaven