Fever To Tell

The hype machine has been rolling, the press has been drooling and now you're gonna get a chance to see for yourself what all the ruckus is all about. Fever To Tell is the debut album from New York City's latest chosen children, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Fronted by head crazy woman Karen O. and backed by guitarist Nick Zinner and drummer Brian Chase, this trio rips out incendiary bursts of art-punk-rock that has the music world abuzz. Interscope snuck in and inked this heavily chased act early this year and their new album is full of opportunites ("Date With The Night," "Maps," "Rich") to decide for yourself if all the rumblings are pointing the band toward sure success or if the organ grinder of pre-release fervor has people whipped up in a substance-free fury.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Fever To Tell