Good Mourning

With a mischievous concoction of enthralling guitar chords, rebellious exuberance and spooky undertones, Chicagoís Alkaline Trio has gathered an enormous cult following around the world, and are poised to reign supreme as the dark lords of the punk rock universe."We offer kids a little darker slice of punk rock. Hopefully it separates us from bands that sing about going to the mall and chewing bubblegum," says singer Matt Skiba, leader of this talented band of misfits. Good Mourning, the bandís fourth studio invocation (produced by Joe McGrath, co-produced and mixed by Jerry Finn), is a blindfolded pitfall through the gates of hell, resurrecting painful memories of exes, contemplating a lifetime in the netherworld, juxtaposed with bewitching acoustic signs that even vexing devils have a soft side. ìWeíve Had Enoughî, a chant many a music lover has cried once or twice while turning the knob across the radio dial, features backup screams from Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks, with a downpour of sweltering guitars, fiendishly divine vocals, and a deadly chorus celebrated by everyone (living or dead) within earshot.

Alkaline Trio

Good Mourning