Baby Iím Bored

Baby Iím Bored is the first batch of solo sounds from the former Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando. The Boston native, known for freaking-out on drugs, dating gorgeous stars, and writing some of the most amazing music trapped in the ìalternativeî format, released his last studio album in 1996, Car Button Cloth, with the rest of the Lemonheads (or whatever incarnation of the band were present at that time). Released by Bar None in April 2003, Baby Iím Bored (produced by Jon Brion [Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, most PT Anderson film scores] with appearances from Ben Lee, Royston Langdon, and others) is a gentle adventure taken to a vast new level, overflowing with miles of bittersweet pop pleasure. "The Same Thing You Thought Hard About," "Shots is Fired," "Why Do You Do This To Yourself?" are picture proof that there are brains of brilliance under that trademark mop of hair, as Dando lays down a charming ballad, brimming with Dandoís darling vocals and ability to construct an ace high rock song worthy of remembrance for years to come (see ìBig Gay Heart,î ìInto Your Arms,î ìItís A Shame About Rayî). Evan Dando is one of the most important and talented singer/songwriters of the ë90s, whose childlike demeanor and poetic charge is a crushing force that even Yoda wouldnít want to fuck with.

Evan Dando
Bar/None Records

Baby Iím Bored