39 Minutes Of Bliss

Here's a hint: if an album's first verse contains "I wanna smoke crack, 'cos you're never coming back...I wanna sniff glue, 'cos I can't get over you," you're on one of two ends of the musical spectrum. It's either gonna suck like there's no tomorrow or be a rip-roaring ride of new millennium rock heard through a '60s filter. Caesars' new album, 39 Minutes Of Bliss, is thankfully the latter. Hooks are aplenty, the guitars buzz like 2003 and chime with '60s flava, but the added bonus is the squall of the Farfisa organ, adding a certain Inspiral Carpets' poptasticness to the entire festival. The aforementioned album opener, "Sort It Out" is a brilliant pop blast and there are plenty more where that came from on this album compiled from a number of Caesars' UK releases. These Swedes can offer it like few others, bringing truckloads of energy and fishing tackle boxes full of hooks. Smirnoff Ice ditty "(I'm Gonna) Kick You Out" (the ad with the bubbles in the laundromat, slow pokes) keeps the good time vibes flowing and it's hard to top first single "Jerk It Out," the perfect indie dance anthem if there ever were one. The only question I have is, what's with the similar song titles, kids? You take yourselves up on that offer to sniff glue? Regardless of the number of model airplane building sessions, the Swedes are once again onto something great here. Maybe we should send all of our bands on 6-month sojourns to Stockholm to see if any of this vibey brilliance rubs off on them. It couldn't hurt.


39 Minutes Of Bliss