Taking Back Sunday Taking A Dirt Nap?

Rumors are abounding about the current status of indie up and comers Taking Back Sunday. The band have postponed all upcoming dates, and their show at KXTE in Vegas and a potential TV appearance are believed to be in jeopardy, as well. Interband strife is understood to be the cause of the problems, perhaps basing around members dating each others family members and things ending dreadfully wrong. Rumors also persist about band members having quit the lineup, as well. The band's site does not confirm any of these rumors, but it does contain the following statement:

5.7.2003 Resting But Well


We know there are many rumors and speculations going on about the status of Taking Back Sunday. There have been a series of personal events with members of the band. Right now the five of us really need some time to devote to our personal well being.

We can't apologize enough to the people who this affects. Our fans have been there to support us 100% and weve always held that the closest to our hearts. The business surrounding this crazy thing weve been doing has been supportive as well and weve constantly been thankful. This isn't meant as something to harm that or the people involved. It is an attempt to protect and honor the value of what youve all been generous enough to appreciate. We need very much to take a step back at this time and we truly thank you for even considering understanding.

Taking Back Sunday Taking A Dirt Nap?