Live - Hail To The Kings (Of Leon)

After a string of successful shows in Europe, The Royal Family was back in NYC for a little self-proclaimed southern garage rock funk. This being their third show in the Big Apple in less than 3 months, it was obvious that Kings Of Leon have become a more seasoned live act with each show they have played.

Talking before the show about everything from the new album to the fact that Ben Kweller cooks a mean steak, it was obvious that KOL (Caleb, Nathan, Jared, and cousin Matthew Followill) have relaxed into their newly found notoriety, but have a good grip on what's to come. The band was upbeat and in high spirits before the show, and their enthusiasm transferred to the evening's events.

Once they hit the stage, the band kicked things off with "Red Morning Light," a fiery upbeat song off their upcoming RCA debut album. Perilously kicking off the set with the expected first US single proved to be a wise choice as the crowd sang along to every word of the unreleased gem and started the show on the right foot. They thundered through a lively set filled with several songs new to the NY stage and faithful, as well as crowd pleasers such as "Molly's Chambers," "Holy Roller Novocaine," and a revved-up version of "California Waiting," which has been re-recorded for the July 22 release of Youth and Young Manhood.

This new release was cultivated and produced by Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams/Counting Crows), and was recorded in California at both Sound City Studios (where Nirvana recorded Nevermind) and Shangri La Studios (former stomping grounds of The Band, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash). As evidenced by the new and improved "California Waiting" and the new live set, be prepared for a raw and edgier sound from this southern fried family band.

Source: Ryan Harrington

Live - Hail To The Kings (Of Leon)