Live - Marilyn Manson's Show Is Dope

Marilyn Manson finally brought his freak show back to Hollyweird last night in grand fashion and did the freaks come out.
When I found out I was going to Grotesk Burlesk my first thought was, "what to wear?" Sadly, I actually uttered to myself, "the absinthe spoon necklace is much more appropriate than the bondage collar." But last night wasn't about fashion or lack thereof.

The night started off swimmingly, literally, with
Marilyn Manson's girlfriend
Dita and her burlesque show. Escorted onto the stage by three buxom blondes in World War II uniforms,
Dita appeared in a full-length black skirt and bustier. Those didn't stay on long. Seated on a chair next to a very oversized martini glass, she proceeded to disrobe until all that were left were pasties and a g-string. But Dita wasn't done yet. She then used the chair she was sitting on to hoist herself into the martini glass filled with day-glo green water a la an apple martini. Using the sponge ice cube floating in the liquid she then repeatedly dripped the water down herself in a variety of poses. I think the professionals call that a "money shot."

After a short intermission, the man himself appeared. Keeping up the World War II theme, Marilyn wore a lovely combination of black leather and more black leather. He ripped right into "This Is The New Shit," which was totally fitting and utterly rocked; it was definitely my fave song of the night. "This Is The New Shit" is also featured on the awesome Matrix Reloaded soundtrack (insert shameless plug here). The pleather masses were treated to several more of the new songs, including new single "Mobscene" and title track, "Golden Age of Grotesque" and older stuff like "Dope Show" and "Beautiful People." Manson and band (now featuring Tim Skold, formerly of KMFDM, replacing Twiggy) fully rocked the goth and non-goth alike and the new stuff sounded great. Just you wait until this freakshow hits your town: you will not be disappointed.

Source: Carlyn Kessler, Guest Reviewer

Live - Marilyn Manson's Show Is Dope