What Sound (Deluxe Edition)

Although the album itself was released in late 2001 in the UK, Lamb's What Sound is finally seeing the light of day in the US, and to reward those who waited, there is plenty of bonus material added to the 2003 version. What Sound is the band's first work since 1999's Fear Of Fours and for those of you who don't remember Lamb and their 1996 self-titled masterpiece, this is a good re-introduction. Gone are the majority of the drum & bass dynamics of the duo of Louise Rhodes and Andy Barlow, but the omnipresent stand-up bass is in the mix and the beats have not totally disappeared. And, as always, the most important aspect of the pair from Manchester is Louise's silky smooth jazz voice. As on the import version, the standout tracks are the spine-tingling "Gabriel" and the title track and album opener. But, as promised on this version, are loads of extras. Five bonus tracks are on the CD, including mixes of "Gabriel" by MJ Cole and Nellie Hooper. A bonus DVD is in the package for us lucky US purveyors, as well, housing the videos for "Gabriel" and "Sweet" and four stereo remixes of songs old and new. Maybe it should have been May that came in like a lion and out like a Lamb....


What Sound (Deluxe Edition)