Live - Alkaline Trio Slay The Faithful In Chicago

It was a successful homecoming for the Alkaline Trio last night in Chicago, as the fiendish fellas cured the ailing need of a sold out crowd at the Riviera Theater. With an enormous new banner, which resembles a graveyard, and a wicked new drum kit, with the bandís trademark skull in the heart logo intertwined in a pentagram, the stage was set for the Trio to rip it apart.

They wasted no time as they tore into the first single from Good Mourning, "Weíve Had Enough," which the kids were more than pleased to raise a fist and sing along to once the anti-radio chorus peeked its powerful head through. The band continued to shuffle through the new disc, igniting the explosive "Fatally Yours" followed by the Dan Andriano-fueled "100 Stories."

After three songs, Matt Skiba and company reached back into the catalog to ressurrect the title track to their second album, Maybe Iíll Catch Fire. Everything was solid up until this point, when Skiba began to have trouble hearing through his ear piece. This nuisance continued throughout the show, as Skiba made trip after trip to the sound board, waving his hands and probably screaming obscenities at the poor schlep.

Regardless, the rock continued with more titanic blows from Good Mourning, with "Continental" smoothly transitioning into "Emma." "All On Black," the track the band played on Late Night with Conan OíBrien earlier in the week, and "If We Never Go Inside" also made an appearance in the lengthy, sweat filled set.

As a treat for the good boys and girls of Chicago, Alkaline Trio dusted off the oldies and flung them directly at the heads of into the highly devoted fans (dressed in various incarnations of blood red and death black). "Sundials," "97," "Tuck Me In," "My Friend Peter," "Cringe," "I Lied My Face Off," "Armageddon," and "Private Eye" were all embraced in this fantastic kickoff show of the band's North American tour.

All in all, I love this band. Dan, who normally plays bass and sings on certain songs, sang a shitload in this show, and one would have to wonder just how "good" Skiba's voice is. I also think the addition of drummer/backing vox provider Derek Grant is a tremendous boost for the band. This kid is amazing, and his upper body strength is almost comparable to mine...almost.

Good Mourning almost sounds better live than it does in your car or home stereo. Alkaline Trio have really come along way since the 10 person shows at the Fireside bowling alley, and have now stepped up to become a major force in the rock world. Their music is amazing, their live shows (especially in sour home Chicago) are impeccable, and their quest for world domination is on.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - Alkaline Trio Slay The Faithful In Chicago